Donnerstag, 12. Dezember 2013

New Haircolour (I can't bleach my hair xDD)

Well, after having black hair for about a half year (which is kinda long for me ^^) I decided, I needed a new haircolour. But first I couldn't decide, I alsways wanted blue hair, but a lot of my friends have blue hair and also I don't like that Directions haircolour washes off so easily. So I decided to dye them red again.

At first I had to make them brighter, therefor I used Syoss Ultra Aufheller

Well, but somehow I really can't bleach my hair, so even after two packages of it, parts of my hair still were almost dark. -.-'

But stil I decided to put the red colour in my hair after it. I used Country Colors Granatrot for it.

I really like the colour although it didn't turn out as I wanted. My hair is now orange, red and somehow black xD

Here a few pictures of my hair and my todays look:

Fail xDDD
My Circle lenses (I totally love them ♥♥♥)
I'm wearing my purple circle lenses, I bought at our local goth store (Colours)
A fake piercing, also from Colours

And my favourite red liptick from L'Oreal Paris

Dienstag, 10. Dezember 2013

Ahhhh sorry!

Argh! Sometimes I feel so stupid! I had forgotten my email and password for logging in and really couldn't remeber it -.-' And today finally, I remembered it (after about 1 hour of trying ^^)

Well, so I'm back now and I can upload some stuff ^^
Right now I'm planning on colouring my hair red tomorrow, so stay tuned for pictures ;)

Till then

P.S. I will also upload something for my best friends and mine cosplay blog, as we remebered that we still have it xD (Yey, it's so great remembering login stuff again ;P)