Freitag, 28. Juni 2013


Finally my holidays started and I used the first week just to relax.

Well, firstly I needed to recover from the trip our class made to Brussels. It was really nice and I really liked Brussels, but still it was hard because it was way to hot for my liking and me had not much time to explore the city :( Some impressions:

Also I decided that my hair definetely needed some new colour (the purple didn't look good anymore) so i went to the hair dresser and they coloured it black (yey, after three years again xD)

I definetely love the colour ♥♥♥
Today I met some friends in the Japanese garden in hamburg and we made a CMV (cosplay music video) for Evanescence's Snow White Queen (can't wait till it's online :)) Tomorrow I'm there again for a photoshoot wearing my Kushina and Temari Cosplay :3

So that's it till now

Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013

Lazy girl

As some of you might have noticed, I was way to lazy in the past month to write a blog entry, because we had exam time and I was sooo busy. I felt like my was going to explode and I really needed some time for me, but now, there is only this week of school left, next week we are going to Brussels with my whole yera from school.

Also, i started cosplaying (I have written about that) and a friend of mine and me decided to make a blog together. If you want, havea look at it =D

Good Night

TenshiSama (I decided to rename my blog, because so it's better with the other one xD)